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(via A Bun or Two With Tea - Feasting Never Stops)

after spending the last 10 exhausting hours shopping with my cousin at our local outlet while stalking ridiculously rich and beautiful chinese fob art students/models on instagram, i have finally, viscerally come to realize the irreconcilable nature of of the divide in material fortune that separates me (and most normal fucking people) from the standards of beauty and luxury i’ve idolized since early adolescence

just going to revel in what i know best—my upper middle class existence, which i am increasingly grateful for with every passing day, and the pleasures of the intangible, equally accessible to us all


• Psycho-Pass
• Paranoia Agent
• Paprika
• Akira
• Monster
• Initial D 
• Cowboy Bebop
• Card Captor Sakura
• Durarara!!
• Cencoroll
• Gintama
• Hyouka
• Kyoukai no Kanata
• Tonari no Kaibutsu kun
• Danshi no Koukousei no nichijou
• Shingeki no Kyojin 
• 5 centimeters per second
• Koto no ha no niwa
• Darker than Black (do not watch season 2 lmao)
• Detective Conan (if you want to lose half your lifetime watching it)
• Eden of the East
• Tokyo Godfathers
• Full Metal Alchemist
• Ghost in the Shell
• The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
• Summer Wars
• Inuyasha (don’t lie, I kno all of you love inuyasha)
• Samurai 7
• Yu Yu Hakusho
• Lupin The Third
• Tokyo Majin
• Soul Eater
• Read or Die
• The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (don’t watch second season either)
• Trigun
• Samurai Champloo
• Wolf’s Rain
• Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

• Sword of the Stranger